About Us

Dr Maciej Danilewicz
Consultant Psychiatrist
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist
MBBCh, PgDipCT(Oxon), PgDipPsych(Cardiff)


Helping adults with psychiatric problems has been the main area of professional focus of Dr Maciej Danilewicz for almost 15 years. His experience, acquired through working in general adult psychiatry hospitals, addiction rehabilitation centres and forensic units (low, medium, and a high security), is combined with Postgraduate Diplomas in Clinical Psychiatry (Cardiff University) and Cognitive Therapy awarded by Oxford University.

Being dually qualified in Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy gives Dr Danilewicz detailed knowledge of pharmacological treatments and various modalities of psychotherapy that translate directly to a unique ability of creating tailored treatment plans, and in some cases not necessarily involving treatment with medications.

Dr Danilewicz is an expert panel member at Myogenes, a pioneer in providing pharmacogenomic testing (also known as personalised medicine) in the United Kingdom. Treating psychiatric disorders using personalised medicine accelerates effectiveness of therapy and mitigates some of the medication related side-effects. DNA testing enables practitioners to achieve 80% accuracy in the choice of psychiatric medication.


Structured assessments

Katarzyna Danilewicz
Financial Director
MSc Finance and Accountancy

Katarzyna Danilewicz

Mrs Katarzyna Danilewicz graduated from Economic University, Krakow, Poland in 2002 with the master’s degree in accountancy. She has an extensive experience in financial reporting and analysis, forecasting and general accounting; including full month and year-end cycle and a solid experience working with auditors.

Her work experience is with national and international trade companies in the role of the lead accountant. She has worked as a Regional Accountant for the Polish Medical Air Rescue, South Region, a Polish government company. She is specialising in the medical sector accountancy and financial management.

Mrs Katarzyna Danilewicz has also gained experience in national, EU and international VAT returns and management, working for the international trading company.

Her wide experience, including financial medical market, has been supporting growth and success of the North Lakeside Medical Ltd. since the very beginning of the company.

Our company

North Lakeside Medical Ltd. provides private psychiatric services to members of the public and our partners.

The company offers face to face and remote consultations with Dr Maciej Danilewicz, supported by a team of staff to ensure quick and dynamic referral processing, the highest quality of service, and prompt responses to our patients and partners.

Dr Maciej Danilewicz has a wealth of experience in providing psychiatric care in both in-patient and out-patient environments. He is a postgraduate in clinical psychiatry at Cardiff University and in cognitive therapy at Oxford University.

Our history

North Lakeside Medical Ltd. was established in 2010 by Dr Maciej Danilewicz.

The company has consistently offered the highest level of services to the public and carefully chosen partners.

The company has worked and works in collaboration with the major providers of psychiatric care including Serco, Choice Lifestyles, Partnerships in Care, Hesley Group, and CGL.

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