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The highest standard of care

On enquiry we will contact you to discuss the best package of care that suits your needs. This will be reviewed at every stage of your treatment to meet your needs at any given time. We will frequently ask for your feedback to ensure the care you are receiving is of the best quality and is conducive to your expectations.

Psychiatric Consultation

We understand that seeing a clinician face to face might be the option you would like to choose. We are a bespoke private psychiatry service in Yorkshire, providing variety of assessments and treatments. All tailored top your needs.

Personalised Medicine

We are the only private psychiatry clinic in the area that offers psychiatric prescribing based on your DNA test. Within 10 days we would be able to advise you with 80% confidence which particular psychotropic medication would suit you based on your DNA configuration.

CBT Therapy

Our private psychiatry clinic offers face to face Formulation Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the treatment of various disorders.

ADHD Assessment

Our clinicians have extensive experience of working with adults and children and their families to understand their needs within the context of ADHD. In our private psychiatry clinic we are using gold standard assessment tools and having a diverse multi-disciplinary team, we will support you through the diagnostic process. We will discuss with you our findings and provide individualised recommendations to help you move forward.

Autism (ASD) Assessment

Autistic Spectrum Disorder often goes undiagnosed. Children and adults with the condition are struggling without getting appropriate support. We would help you to obtain the formal diagnosis and help you to get appropriate support. The diagnostic process follows the national standards and will let you access the support you need.

Post diagnostic support
(Autism and ADHD)

We understand that receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming and we offer post diagnostic programmes to help you and your family understand the diagnosis. We also understand that children and families are affected by autism and ADHD in many different ways. In our private psychiatric clinic, we will work with you to understand your personal needs and help you to develop helpful strategies.

Remote Consultations

If you prefer a private psychiatry consultation from the safety of your home, we offer consultations on a variety of electronic platforms. You don’t need to be a technical expert. You can access consultation from a laptop, tablet, or any smartphone.

Medico-Legal Work

We offer a variety of medico legal assessments and reports. Starting with fitness to plead reports, forensic Court reports, capacity reports for the Court of Protection, to specialist assessments including IPDE and RSVP.

Self Help

Dr Danilewicz is presenting a series of videos, in which he talks about various psychological problems including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. In his videos he is describing how the disorders develop, what the symptoms are and what the treatment options are.

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Welcome to Our Clinics

Our private psychiatry services are provided at various locations, making sure it is convenient for you to travel to the venue. We want to make sure that you can easily access our services. We are mindful that accessing healthcare services might not be always easy. We will try to make it as accessible as possible.


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Qualified Doctors

Our lead consultant graduated from Oxford and Cardiff Universities in Cognitive Therapy and Clinical Psychiatry studies respectively. Being dually qualified in Clinical Psychiatry and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Dr Danilewicz is able to translate his knowledge to a unique tailored treatment plans and in some cases not necessarily involving treatment with medications.

Quick Referral System

We will accommodate your appointment as soon as possible. We run a dynamic booking system, which means that if you request an appointment our team will do everything to accommodate it as soon as possible.

Card payments

In our private psychiatry clinics we accept all major debit and credit cards. If you wish to pay for the consultation over the phone or at the clinic, we are able to accommodate your preferred way of payment. We can also email you a link to prepay the consultation.

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